The Ingram Cottonstir



A shirt INGRAM certainly can not go unnoticed

Fabrics and patterns. Every detail is apparent at first sight, combining image and quality at competitive prices. All tissues INGRAM are Italians and pure cotton.

Strong, modern, fresh, dynamic, Ingram Cottonstir breaks traditional schemes and finally expresses its features 100% Cotton, wearing, washing, and non-iron, to be always impeccable. Always ready to be worn like city, Ingram to improve Cottonstir means the quality of life.

Leader in shirts, INGRAM presents a rich collection of proposals from shirts to jackets to classic slim lines dedicated to the young. INGRAM shirts - cut sewn, packed and delivered under the control of headquarters - are famous for soft tissue, resistance to the use of frequent washing.

INGRAM maintains a standard of quality since 1949, with study and research that allow you to have a product that is always higher with the new generations of consumers.
On this issue it confirms the strategic importance of the leaders COTTONSTIR (the first shirt "no iron" cotton to wash, dry and wear). Ingram Cottonstir, for example, the first shirt in pure Egyptian cotton non iron, launched in 1995, leader of the Italian market and abroad.

Egyptian Cotton Makò (Long family STAPLED) is recognized as one of the three largest cotton quality and value because it has the excellence of: grade, color, fiber length and character, qualities by which we judge the quality of cotton . Strong, silky, soft and light, allows the natural moisture of the skin.

COTTONSTIR, made of pure Egyptian cotton 100%, adds to the already excellent quality of this natural fiber, the capacity of "stretched from itself” and preserving these characteristics throughout its life, thanks to some specific processes operated at different stages working within the Group's Inghirami.

Washed in the washing machine no spin, can be worn just dry.

In addition to facilitating the daily life Ingram COTTONSTIR also contributes to energy saving. Each shirt, since it avoids the centrifuge machine and power consumption associated with the use of iron, which are saved it is about 1,000 minutes a year whereas the minimum consumption of two shirts per week.


The increasingly rich collection of articles and variations for those who like to dress smart and wants to always be in place on any occasion. INGRAM addresses people who want to dress chic and sophisticated, modern and spirited, who feels at home anywhere in the world you are.