Dear client,

the objective of  is to protect your privacy as thoroughly as possible, in respect of your rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity, referring in particular to your right to privacy, personal identity and protection of your personal data.
When treating your personal data we abide to a principle of strict necessity. For this reason, the website is configured to guarantee a minimal use of your data.

We guarantee that your personal data will always be treated in a licit and correct fashion, will be collected and registered for the instrumental purposes indicated by this report, will not exceed the purposes for which it is collected and will be conserved in order to allow your identification during the time lapse necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it is collected or subsequently treated. In order to guarantee that your data is exact and updated, we invite you to always verify its correctness and to inform us of any changes.

This informative report applies in the case in which you decide to navigate the website or to use the services it offers, thus we ask you to read it very carefully.


Data controller and processor

The controller of your personal data is CollectionAbbigliamento Uomo by Fregola Luigi Antonio, whose legal adderss is San Severo (FG), Via Tiberio Solis number 74, cap 71016.

Treatment objectives and modalities

Your personal data is treated by CollectionAbbigliamento in order to provide the services offered on the website in the case that you request to use such services.
In particular, your data may be treated to provide the following services:

  • Registration of your account on website;
  • Subscription to our newsletter;
  • Management and fulfilment of your purchase orders, including the mailing, delivery and returns of purchased products;
  • Management of your requests for assistance and information and, in general, of all activities related to client relations;
  • Promotional services about products and offers;
  • Fulfilment of accounting and fiscal operations.
  • The acquisition and the teatment of your personal data in order to make use of the requested services, is managed by  mainly through written, electronic and telematic modalities. Always in order of actual loads.
CollectionAbbigliamento guarantees that your personal data will not be communicated to third parties, except when required by the law or in procedures that are strictly necessary in order to fulfil the contract you have stipulated (for example, the communication of your financial data to the bank which manages the payment for your purchases).

Obligatory or optional nature of the conferring of your data

CollectionAbbigliamento will ask you to insert specific personal data in the various occasions you may decide to use the services offered by the website (for example: when you choose to register your account on the website, when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you compile the order form to make your purchases, when you require assistance or information via the specific “Contact ” form).

On each of such occasions, the personal data we ask you to insert may be obligatory, and in this case is indicated by the asterisk symbol (*), or optional. The obligatory data is necessary to allow CollectionAbbigliamento to provide the specific service you have requested, thus should you choose not to provide this data or to not accept its treatment you will n in caso di qualsithe service you have requested. On the contrary, the decision to not communicate optional data and to not accept its treatment will not impede the use of the service you have requested in any way.

Your rights about data treatment

About your data treatment, you have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of your personal data (art.7 of legislative decree 196/2003) You have the right to obtain the following information:
  • Origin of your personal data;
  • Finalities and modalities of the treatment of your data;
  • Logics applied in the case of treatment via electronic tools;
  • Name of the data controller and data processor;
  • Subjects or subject categories your data can be communicated to or who may envision it (for example, as data controllers or data processors).

Furthermore, you have the right to obtain:

  • The update, correction and integration of your personal data;
  • The cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of your personal data if treated in violation of the law, including data which does not need to be conserved in relation to the finalities it was acquired or treated;
  • The attestation that operations described by the aforementioned letters a) and b) have been communicated, including their content, to the subjects the data was previously communicated to, except in the case that this operation is impossible or involves a use of resources that is manifestly excessive in relation to the right in question.

Furthermore, you always have the right to completely or partially refuse:

  • For legitimate reasons, the treatment of your personal data, even if for reasons that are pertinent to the finality they were acquired;
  • The treatment of your personal data for the purpose of mailing advertising material or attempting direct sales or for commercial communications.

You may exercise your rights freely and in any given moment, by contacting us via the Contacts form or by sending a written request to:

Collection Abbigliamento Uomo di Fregola Luigi Antonio
Via Tiberio Solis, 74
71016  San Severo (fg)


We guarantee that your personal data is preserved and controlled by CollectionAbbigliamento via the adoption of appropriate and preventive security measures, in order to reduce to the minimum the risk of destruction or loss of the data, even if accidental, and of unauthorized access or data treatment that is unauthorized or not consistent with the acquisition finalities indicated in the previous informative report, in point 1.

However CollectionAbbigliamento declines any responsibility in the case in which such destruction or loss of data, or unauthorized access to the data, depends on the devices you are using. Therefore, we invite you to verify that both your computer and your internet provider are using appropriate and updated software to protect the electronic transmission of data (for example: anti-viruses, firewalls, anti-spam filters).

Our privacy policy applies exclusively to the website.
CollectionAbbigliamento can not be held responsible for the content or the rules, including privacy regulations, of other internet websites which may be visible on the website, via links or banners.

If you wish to receive any further information on the treatment of your personal data and on our privacy policy or if you want to inform us of any changes in your personal data, you can contact us by using the specific form Contacts.