Panizza was born on the shores of Lake Maggiore more than a century ago. Giovanni Panizza, a native of Biella, strong of the experience matured since he was a boy in the cappellifices of all Italy, in 1879 with his friend countryman Christmas Gamba, capable entrepreneur self-made man, give life to Panizza, became one of the most famous cappelliphic and important to the world. The success of the Panizza brand is due to the technical skills of its craftsmen, to the spasmodic pursuit of absolute quality, and to the conquest of foreign markets. is riveditore from the winter 2018/19 the shipment and return for all the world are low cost.

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    Elegant hat panizza blue felt suede effect high quality
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    €35.01 (20%)
    Elegant Panizza hat Made in Italy felt suede effect high quality waterproof Autumn winter collection.
  2. 2
    Panizza cap in pure green wool with patchwork fantasy
    Panizza hat Made in Italy fantasy patchwork green in pure wool collection Autumn winter.
  3. 3
    Panizza hat in pure grey merino wool with patchwork
    Panizza Grey hat with fantasy in pure merino wool Made in Italy
  4. 4
    Hat in pure wool panizza blu in checked made in Italy
    Refined and elegant beret Panizza Made in Italy Blue Checkered collection Autumn Winter 2019
  5. 5
    Cap Panizza Fancy Patchwork blue and beige hat
    Fashion cap Panizza Made in Italy in pure wool collection Autumn Winter 2018/19