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How to choose the "right size", without the risk of buying a head too small or too large?

For every item sold on the size indicated in the product data sheets is indicated by the designer on the head itself.

If you already know the designer, you should buy a size that you bought in the past.

Otherwise, your include difficulty in choosing the most appropriate measure. In fact, to help you avoid mistakes, we make available to each piece a simple and intuitive guide, designed by our staff to make you understand the size of the fly for you.
In this way you will not be difficult to make purchases quickly and well chosen!

For example, with regard to jeans, the product details you will find a picture of the jeans as follows:


Guida alle taglie Jeans


The Procedure is very easy to measure

1. Choose the head to be measured.
2. Choose the section to be measured.
3. See Letter from the image of the section and the distance to be measured (represented by the red line or green)
4. Measure the desired section of a leader who uses (shirt, jeans, sweater, polo, jacket, dress, etc..) Compare it with the measures in the list made available by
5. Find in the table below measures the size in cm.
6. You're done! Now you're ready to buy the head you want!

Follow what is written above, this is the only way to avoid mistakes SIZE, already tested in our online store on Ebay.


You have problems in measurements of size?
You have a simple question?

There is still a question that does not make you make a purchase in peace?

We are available to provide further clarification!