Sea Barrier

The man who dresses Sea Barrier, is a determined and unique man who wants to be perfect all day, without giving up comfort.
Just like a fragrance, a piece of clothing has to talk about you, your passions, the personality that sets you apart,
That's why Sea Barrier creates YOUR outfit in an extremely personalized and always fashionable style. Since 1962 with an exclusively male collection, it offers with constant attention to the needs and dreams of people, offering a refined total look comfortable and suitable for every moment, thanks to the proposals "Easy", "Platinum" and "Sport".

  1. 1
    Short in pure cotton modern fit sea barrier
    Short men's classic sea barrier in pure cotton available in three colors all sizes
  2. 2
    Blue striped shorts sea barrier in cotton seersucker
    Short in stretch cotton no ironing moder fit Sea Barrier with blue stripes available from 46 to 60.