Olymp Shirt Measurements Info

How to center Your Size

The safest method in this regard is definitely to compare the measurements of your shirt that you use at the waist, chest (from the sleeve) and shoulders and compare them with the size tables present on each item.

The no-iron shirts are available four fits:

OLYMP Luxor Modern Fit: it is an updated REGULAR fit, a middle ground between the classic and the slim fit.


For example, for those wearing a 41-42 slim fit they can wear a 39-40 modern fit very well, even if they have some bacon. Sizes go two in two (37 and 38 have the same fit, as well as 39-40 and so on).

OLYMP Level 5 Body Fit: slim fit but not extremely tight. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable. I always recommend better to check the measurements with your own shirt that you wear.


OLYMP Luxor Comfort Fit: it is a very comfortable comfort fit.  Especially in this case it is essential to check the measures because they are very comfortable.


OLYMP No. 6 Super Slim: Extra slim for fit physique with slender waist. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable. Always check the measurements with a shirt you are wearing.


Sleeves extra-short/ extra-long: suitable for those who need to have shirts with shorter or longer than average sleeves. The measurements are from the shoulder seam distance to the cuff. The shirt with extra-long sleeve has a length of 69cm, instead for classic shirts and with double wrist for twins and 70cm. Shirts with extra-short sleeves are available for classic shirts and their length is 58cm.

Unfortunately, in this case, the choice is not as wide as for "normal" measurements there are dedicated fabrics to make these lengths both extra short and extra long. Write to us servizioclienti@collectionabbigliamento.it or WhatsApp to find out the shirts where you can have these dedicated lengths.